Linux page

Anything related to Linux goes here. Little how-tos, rants, config files, scripts -- if it's worth posting I'll post it here.

X Window Themes

GTK Themes

Use these themes to add a classy look to your GNOME desktop and apps built with the GIMP Toolkit (GTK). Each theme includes a skin for both GTK 1.2 and GTK 2, along with a theme for the Openbox 3 window manager. If you prefer to use GNOME with Metacity, you'll find that my themes work nicely with the Metabox window border.
Openbox 3

I've been using the Openbox 3 window manager ever since xor released the first alpha version. I've always been impressed with OB3's elegant design and function, and while I've strayed from time to time to Enlightenment I always come back.

Articles and HOWTOs

Quick DVD Playback with MPlayer under Libranet 2.7
A little article describing my experiences installing and using MPlayer 0.9 under Libranet Linux 2.7.
Exotic XFree86 configurations...
These are the XFree86 configuation files I use to drive my SGI 1600SW display and my Number 9 Revolution IV display card under Linux and FreeBSD.
XFree86 Config File for SGI 1600SW display under FreeBSD
XFree86 Config File for SGI 1600SW display under Linux
These files are free to use. If you use one of these displays, then congratulate yourself on your good taste in gear. is maintained by:
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