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Instead of having a blog like normal people and looking every day for news to comment on, I think I'll keep up a page where I can rant and rave on a subject every once in a while. I'm pretty jaded, so the news doesn't give me reason to rant very often.

If you see anything that interests you, enjoy it. If you want to talk about a rant of mine, refer to the contact links below.

Current Rants

How about a "Kill Switch" for Politicians?
Senator Orrin Hatch wants to let the RIAA blow up P2P users' computers if they violate copyright. I'd like to beat the shit out of politicians and bureaucrats when they violate private property rights. Either way, it's still vigilate justice, the avoidance of which is one of the purposes of government.

Old Rants

I haven't built up enough vitriol to merit a second page. Give me a few months.

Is the Iraqi army that powerful?
Why does the Congress think that American armed forces need the help of a mythical sky demon? Armies need guns, not gods; God fights on the side with the heaviest artillery.
Who does this murderous hypocrite think he is?
Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe isn't satisfied with killing white people, stealing their farms in the name of "land reform", and giving the land to his cronies -- destroying the country's agricultural base in the process -- now he has the balls to criticise the US for possessing nukes while demanding that Iraq disarm.
Americans have a right the criticise the US government; we pay for the fucking thing. Foreigners can criticise their own damned governments.
Bush is beyond help.
When will Uptight Christians like George W. Bush learn that government has no business tampering in any way with religion? Don't give my money to churches. 'cos I strongly doubt that a Christian would want the government to give his money to the Ayn Rand Institute
Read the manual and be grateful you have one!
What is it with people who bitch about having to learn new things in order to earn a living?
A couple of small suggestions
Not that they'd ever be implemented; individual rights are 'impractical'.
I'd like to see the British overthrow their welfare state and return to the self-reliance that made the "stiff upper lip" such a reliable stereotype. Is that too much to ask?
This should not have happened.
When I first read that the space shuttle Columbia had broken up during re-entry, my first thought was respect for her crew. My second was anger that they died on so trivial a mission.
Joe Baca needs to check his priorities.
When will politicians understand that teenagers don't need to be protected from fantastical images of ultraviolence or computer-generated tits and ass rendered by undersexed Japanese programmers?
I hate your children.
That's right, your children piss me off and I'd appreciate it if you were to leave your spawn at home.
I'd like to hit politicians over the head with this book.
I wouldn't be so irritable if people would mind their own fucking business.
Mind does not begin at conception
Republicans annoy me, especially when they point at the unborn and whine about the "sanctity of life" without any regard for the rights of living adults.
Objectivism and Enlightenment Liberalism
A short comparison, originally posted to a Yahoo! mailing list.
Disposable Heroes?
Why sacrifice one's pleasures on the altar of the Chaos Lord Trendy the Transient?
Too many friggin' laws.
How many laws banning the same crime do you need?
Eat the Greens!
'Cos environmentalists piss me off.
It's my money, damn you!
Here I am annoyed about arguments over tax cuts and how they somehow "exploit the poor".
"Mortal Glory"
Since I don't write enough poetry to merit a poetry page, I'm sticking this tribute to Catherine in with the rants. If you don't like it, fuck off.
Is defiance a virtue?
I had gotten to thinking about whether defiance was inherently good or evil, and decided that it depends on the reason for one's defiance.
"What? He's at it again?!"
A short musing about my need to customize everything.
"1974 was Great, but It's All Downhill Now" by George Monbiot
Monbiot had written an article in the British Guardian Unlimited mixing Chicken Little with "Won't somebody think of the children", and he pissed me off. Reason enough to rant, I think.

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