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Starbreaker is a tale of justice and vengeance, lies and manipulation, passion and warfare. Its overarching theme is the power of a man in whom passion and reason are united to overcome all obstacles. It remains a work in progress, though I hope to finish the first novel by the end of 2004.

First Volume: Voices from the Past

Is Morgan Stormrider hunting the murderer of his lover, or is the murderer hunting him?

Imaginos, the sorcerous manipulator with the lives of billions on his conscience, counted upon Morgan's grief and his rage. He expected that in the grip his rage Morgan would put aside his principles and stop at nothing to take his revenge. He believed that Morgan was nothing more than the living weapon that he had created and then lost.

He is mistaken.

Though Morgan's restraint saves him from sinking to his enemy's level, it may also threaten the existence of all he holds dear; the stars are right again and the old gods have returned with Imaginos' help. To save both his world and himself, he must find a way to wield the demonic powers within him while retaining his humanity.

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Second Volume: The Black Rose

Though Morgan Stormrider was able to destroy the least of the Shadowkings, the blind destroyer he and his friends dubbed Azathoth, the effort of resisting Azathoth's assault and turning its fury against it nearly killed Morgan in the process. Though Morgan has transcended the passion/reason dichotomy that limits the potential of other energists, he knows that the powers a Dual Path energist can attain will prove insufficient when he faces Azathoth's brothers.

Accepting the responsibility for unleashing its power, Morgan resolves to find the Starbreaker, a sword forged specifically for use against the Shadowkings, a weapon that imprisons the entity responsible for the Shadowkings' existence.

Bearing one of the keys to the seals binding Starbreaker, Morgan leaves his world and plunges into Sheol, a plane in which the lost eventually find themselves. One of the lost, a knight errant who calls herself Rhiannon, recognises the sword Morgan bears and offers to aid his quest if he will help her return to her world. Morgan aids Rhiannon, escaping to her world while disrupting the balance of power between the two Shadowkings imprisoned in Sheol.

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Third Volume: The Children of Cythera

Though Morgan Stormrider had lost one of the seven keys to the robber baron Lord Perth, he was able to find another with the help of Rhiannon, a knight sworn to the Queen of Meranthe. Finding the key was the easy part.

The key, an heirloom sword passed from mother to daughter ever since the founding of the Queensryche of Meranthe by the energist Ishtar, may only be handled by the Queen or her champion. Queen Altimera had lent the sword to Morgan so that he could free her from the Qliphothic energists who had deposed her and taken the Queensryche for themselves. Free her he did, only to see her shot through the heart as she stormed the gates of Meranthe alongside Morgan and Rhiannon.

Nobody would stop Morgan from keeping the sword. Nobody but Morgan himself. Out of respect for Rhiannon, he relinquishes the sword until a new Queen can ascend the throne of Meranthe. But before the Queen can be crowned, she must first be freed from the cloisters of the Children of Cythera, and the leader of the Children has no intention of letting her go.

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Fourth Volume: Riding to Babylon

Morgan Stormrider's lover, Naomi Bradleigh, and his allies -- Edmund Cohen, Sid Schneider, Claire Ashecrofte, Josefine Malmgren, the energist Zoroaster -- arrived just in time to join him in storming the holy city of Nazkha, awakening the sleeping star-dragon Cythera, and averting a war between the Meranthe Queensryche and the Lojere Protectorates that threatened to engulf the entire continent of Vinnland. Altimera's daughter Alcione is free to ascend the throne of Meranthe, and Morgan how has three of the seven keys binding Starbreaker along with knowledge of where to find the others. What could possibly go wrong?

Just about everything. Alcione wants to abdicate, institute republican governments in both Meranthe and Lojhere, and go into business with her new husband (the former Lojherne Lord Protector) selling previously forbidden technology now that the Cytheran techno-priests' monopoly is shattered. Morgan realizes that he is in love with both Rhiannon and Naomi and must reassure Naomi of his fidelity to her without alienating Rhiannon as a friend and an ally. Worst of all, Imaginos is stirring up a war between the city-states of Europa and the empire of Cathay over the disputed territory of Araby and the shining city Babylon, though which is the only gate to the ionospheric city of A'arab Zaraq and the knowledge Morgan needs to unlock the Starbreaker.

Despite his need to hunt down and face his enemy, Morgan cannot afford to waste his time on Imaginos. For on the night Alcione celebrated both her wedding and her coronation as Queen, both Rhiannon and Naomi were kidnapped. Instead of a ransom note, Morgan finds an ultimatum: "Come to Babylon at once, ride with all possible haste, or the women you love shall die."

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Fifth Volume: The Paths of Nahema

Morgan braved the storms and beasts of the Raging Ocean and the corsairs of the Middle Sea in his pursuit of the man responsible for kidnapping his lover and his friend, only to find that Naomi and Rhiannon were not kidnapped and that the letter left in their wake was not a threat, but a warning from an old friend.

To rescue Babylon, Morgan foiled a Imaginos' plot to set three Qliphothic sorcerers against one another and plunge three continents into war over Araby and her shining capital. Though Imaginos had escaped Morgan's wrath, the Qliphothic sorcerers Imaginos thought to use did not. With six of the seven keys in his possession, Morgan and his friends ascended to A'arab Zaraq through the gate hidden within Babylon's gardens.

In the ionospheric city, Morgan met the first and post powerful of the Qliphoth, Thagirion, and after a duel with Imaginos that left Thagirion crippled obtained the last key and the knowledge to use them. Returning to his own world, Morgan searches the Empty Quarter for the entrance to Irem and the benighted paths that may lead him to the Starbreaker.

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Sixth Volume: Shatterer of Worlds

Finding the Starbreaker and slaying its guardian was easy work for Morgan Stormrider. Persuading the entity imprisoned within the black orichalcion blade to aid him was another matter; the prospect of a war against the Shadowkings, the chance to drink deep of their essence and taste the blood of their servants, held no interest for the power within.

Knowing the consequences, Morgan Stormrider won the Starbreaker with a promise to free the entity within from the blade that imprisons it. But his victory is short-lived, for Imaginos was waiting for him in the ruins of Irem. With Morgan's friends as hostages, Imaginos forced Morgan to choose between his revenge and the lives of his friends. Morgan hands over the Starbreaker, only to be told that he has chosen his moral integrity over the existence of all time and space.

Desperate to find Imaginos before he uses the Starbreaker for his own purposes, Morgan returns to Sheol and seeks the Chronomancer, whom the Shadowkings had imprisoned as a reward for accidentally releasing them from their prison. Within a palace of false mirrors that taunt the viewer with images of what he wishes to be or what he fears to become, Morgan Stormrider finds the Chronomancer and learns to use his energistic talents to manipulate space and time in exchange for ending his teacher's misery.

Plunging from continuum to continuum, Morgan Stormrider follows his enemy's trail to the heart of all worlds, the kernel of chaos that breeds continuum after continuum, bound only by the laws guiding the multiverse's creation.

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Final Volume: The Origin of Storms

Though Morgan Stormrider had caught Imaginos at last, he was too late to stop his enemy from wielding the Starbreaker. Plunging the dark sword into the center of the chaos at the heart of all existence, Imaginos extinguished it, eliminating all randomness from a multiverse bound by balance between order and entropy.

Taking up the abandoned Starbreaker, Morgan Stormrider pursues Imaginos again, returning to his own world as one continuum merges with another. This merging, he learns, is only the beginning of the end, soon all existence will collapse into the singularity whence it came unless he can capture the axis of all existence, the demon-haunted Tower of Babel.

Imaginos' allies, horrified by his actions and their consequences, beg Morgan's forgiveness and offer him their aid. In the war for Babel Morgan faces the Shadowkings with the armies of three worlds at his back, and puts them and their servants to the sword. Backing Imaginos into a corner, Morgan duels with him for the last time. He learns that even his manipulative enemy is a puppet on another's strings, and devises a vengeance worse than death for Imaginos.

But Morgan's vengeance will prove empty, for he is as responsible for the current crisis as his enemy, and all existence will pay the price of Morgan's rage if he fails to deal with the consequences of his actions.

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