The Different Types of Carports that You Should Know

Carports are among the most useful and convenient outdoor structures that you can add to your home. While it doesn’t provide the complete protection that a standard garage can give your car, it does offer other its own unique set of perks and advantages. However, when choosing a carport, you should know that there are different Creative Outdoors Carports Adelaide available for you to choose.

Carports AdelaideAs of the moment, five types of carports can be built on any property. Here’s a list of these five carports along with a short description:

1.) Single Carports

Single carports are the simplest design of them all. It features a single carport with four pillars and a roofing system. It can sometimes feature decking or blinds for enclosing some parts of the carport. Carports

2.) Double Carports

Double carports have the same features of a single carport – it still has four pillars and a roofing system. However, the difference is that this carport is twice the size and can fit up to two vehicles. Also, as mentioned on single carports, it can feature vertical decking or blinds to enclose a particular area of the carport.

3.) Attached Carports

Now we go to other forms of Creative Outdoors carports Adelaide. The attached carport is a type of carport that’s linked to other buildings either a shed, garage, or even to your home. This carport can be convenient since it lets you exit your home during rainy weather and avoid getting wet. It also enables you to collect your groceries at the back of your car without getting them soaked in rainwater.

4.) Free-standing Carports

Free-standing carports are carports that are not near or attached to a house or other buildings. Instead, it has its own space. This type of carport is typically used when you have ample space in your property. Single and double carports can also fall under this variant.

5.) Tandem Carports

Finally, we have a tandem carports. This type of carport allows two cars to park at the same time. However, the catch is that parking will feature two cars parking with one behind the other instead of next to each other. This type of carport is common for homes with not much space.

Get a Carport for Your Home

These are the five types of Creative Outdoors carports Adelaide. If you’re interested in adding one for your home, don’t hesitate to give us a call. If you require a free quote for your carport, visit our website today and chat with one of our representatives.

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