10 Essential Tips to Maintain High Garden Upkeep

Gardening is a well-loved activity all around the world. However, it requires high amounts of attention. Unfortunately, our demanding schedules prevent us from doing so. So how can we provide high garden upkeep and give our gardens the attention it needs and deserves?

We managed to do our research to help every gardener out there. As a result, we’ve gathered ten important garden maintenance tips that span across watering, maintenance, and weeding, all of which will help you achieve better results from your garden even through your busy schedule.


  • Always maintain a wet flowering bed. You can water your garden just one to two time a week.
  • It is much better when you water your plants during the evening or early in the morning when the soil is cooler. When the earth is at high temperatures, the water will tend to evaporate and will only waste your time.
  • Always water on the ground. You don’t need to water the leaves or the plant itself. Keep in mind that plants hydrate through the ground, so it’s best that you water directly on the soil. It’s will also prevent any mould formation.
  • If you’re always out of the house, try using an irrigation system. It regulates the amount of moisture in the soil so it can control the water and adjust the right amount whenever you’re away.


Lawn Maintenance

  • Protect your lawn from the hot Australian weather. Anything that’s above 30°C will stunt the growth of your plants. That’s why you should not cut your lawn grass too short. Instead, leave it at about five centimetres to block out the sun and prevent the soil from drying out quickly.
  • The most excellent time to water your lawn is between four to eight in the morning – If you have a busy schedule, you can automate everything to automatically water your garden during times that you’re too busy to water for yourself or you’re away.
  • Use 10 to 15 litres of water per square metre. Always keep in mind that overwatering can lead to unwanted mould formation so always stick the required amount.

Weed Management

  • Plant beds densely to minimise the space available for weeds to grow and develop.
  • Use mulch to prevent the sprouting of weed seeds.
  • To effectively attack existing weeds, remove the roots by using a weeding trowel.

Always follow these ten simple gardening tips and you can ensure that you will have high garden upkeep, no matter how busy you are. For more tips, visit our official website now!