Four New Home Designs SA Trends for 2019 and Beyond

We all want our houses to look as sleek and modern as possible. It’s the modern age, after all, and we would want our homes to follow suit with the latest home design trends. That’s why we’ve gathered four of the best new home designs SA trends that are rocking in 2019 and will stay relevant for years to come:

Velvet Furnishing

Believe it or not, the velvet theme was formerly seen as stuffy and old fashion. Now, it has made a transformation which prompted people to change their views on it. Today, considering velvet furnishing now is funky yet luxurious. This type of fabric is multi-dimensional as it has already started gaining a lot of attention by most homeowners who want some class and pizzazz to their interior designs, all while maintaining a modern and contemporary look. It’s currently one of 2019’s, most important trends and, judging by the situation, will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future.

Richer Colour Palettes

Ever since 2015, colour explosions have seen some attention continuously from homeowners around the world. While muted colours give out a neutral look and help you avoid making spaces feel overwhelming, many expert designers believe that this decade is going to be the year where bolder colours are preferred. Vibrant colours will make your home pop with liveliness, and can also make a statement. So if you’ve always been planning to paint your walls red or dark green, it’s time to go for it.

Black and White Decor

When it comes to real home timeless design trend, black and white furnishing is on the top list to incorporate into your home decor this 2019. The contrast between black and white will provide a sense of boldness and balance to any space of your home. If you need some inspiration on this, read our tips and tricks on how to decorate your home using black and white colours.

Geometric patterns

Last but not least is the futuristic look and feel of incorporating geometric patterns into your walls. Step aside floral pattern; there’s a new Sheriff in town. Geometric patterns are expected to dominate new home designs SA 2019 and will continue to be relevant for the next decade. The colours that you incorporate will become bolder alongside these oversized and overlapping patterns. Overall, it will make a bold statement in any room.

These are the new home designs SA trends that are currently at the top of every other interior home design theme. For more design trends, visit our website now.