What to Consider When Buying a Socket Set

Sockets are essential for both the DIY enthusiasts and professionals since they make work easier. It means that buying socket sets makes a lot of sense. But before you head to the market for a new socket set, you should know the different types of sockets available.

Type of Sockets

Hex sockets- these are the most common types of sockets in the market. They have a square drive socket on one end, used for attaching them to the turning tools and a hexagonal recessed socket heat. They usually are hex/6 and bi-hex/12 types.

Impact sockets- designed to work with impact drivers which deliver more torque and produce more vibration from the impact action. These types of sockets are made for a more pliable material with a less brittle grade to cope with the high torque and higher vibrations.

Spark plug sockets- they are used to fit or remove spark plugs from engines. The foam rubber inserted in the inside helps them to hold the spark plugs and prevent them from being damaged.

Insulated sockets- usually made covered in colour-coded insulating material, the insulated plugs are tested with a live working current. They are used with an insulated socket wrench that provides safe protection from electrical currents.

Other types of sockets include the pass-through sockets, adjustable multi-sockets, oil filter sockets, and the universal sockets.

When purchasing a socket wrench, there a few factors to consider. These include:

Is the socket metric or imperial?

If you plan on working on a specific item or a small number of things, then the metric or imperial fasteners are more economical. If you work on a project with both sockets, then a socket wrench with both metric and imperial sockets is more favourable.

Warranties and Guarantees

Longer the warranties of the product are a clear indication that the manufacturer has faith in their products. A lifetime guarantee may require you present the broken piece or evidence of purchase. In either case, know how the guarantee and warranty policies of your socket wrench work.

What is the size of the drive?

Different works require different socket sizes. The equipment you plan on working on also determines the size of the socket drives you will buy. If you plan on doing a lot of work on large machine, then you should buy a socket set suitable for the job.

Do you need the deep sockets included in your socket wrench?

Depending on the equipment you will be working on, you might need a deep socket drive in your socket wrench.

Do you prefer screwdriver or socket bits in your socket wrench?

Depending on the equipment you plan on working on, you can make better decisions on the type of drives you need in your socket wrench.