The Essential Things That You Need to Know About Gravity Blanket Therapy

We’ve all been raving about weighted blankets for years now. However, there are are some – especially those that aren’t experiencing any sleeping difficulties or mental disorders – that use it without knowing why it’s so popular. The reason is because of the gravity blanket therapy. Also known as the “Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation,” It helps ease anxiety, insomnia, or even mental disorders like Autism by a weighted blanket. It feels like a sincere hug, which releases serotonin in your body, which is responsible for reinforcing sleep and happiness. In this article, we’re going to learn more about why the deep touch pressure stimulation has made the gravity blanket a must-buy.

How Weighted Blankets Are Used for Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation

Every occupational therapist knows that light touch is alerting and can be overstimulating for people with sensory processing disorder. The profound pressure effect of weighted blankets is intended to provide a calming and organising effect. If it’s hard for you to process, think of it as when a mother swaddles her infant. The firm, snug hug of the blanket and the pressure coming from the arms of the mother helps the infant relax and fall asleep. The sensation and its effects can be mimicked using a weighted blanket and are the very basis of gravity blanket therapy.


Who Benefits From Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation?

Anyone can benefit from weighted blanket therapy. Even if you’re completely normal, you can still feel its benefits whenever you go to sleep. However, the ones who are most deserving of this are individuals with sensory processing disorder or Autism. It can also help people with anxiety issues calm their nerves down. People with insomnia can also benefit from using weighted blankets as it can help them achieve deeper, higher quality sleep. Researches have been done about weighted blankets. These studies yielded results which present the positive effects of weighted blankets, which are as follows:


  • Positive calming effects
  • Lowering physiological indicators of stress (pulse rate, blood pressure)
  • Positive impact on behaviour and sleep time.
  • Reduces anxiety.



If you desire to know more about deep touch pressure stimulation, what a weighted blanket is and how you’re going to use it for, as well as how to choose the right one, read the article, ‘Choosing the Right Weighted Blanket’ in the blog page section of our website. If you’re interested in buying one right now, you can head to our online shop section and look for the best weighted blanket.