5 Reasons to Switch to Artificial Grass Today

If you’re considering replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass, you’re probably wondering what the benefits of artificial grass are. After all, when you go to buy new grass, it takes several weeks to install the grass completely and lay down a brand new surface. With artificial turf, you’re installing it in a few days and can walk on it the day after. Here’s a look at some benefits of artificial grass Brisbane:


Low-cost installation

Artificial lawns are generally less expensive than natural grass, even when purchasing turf that is pre-cut and ready to install. All you need to do with artificial grass, Brisbane is simply place a high-quality synthetic turf surface for a low-cost property makeover. However, that’s not the only advantage you get with artificial grass. You also have the option to choose a variety of colours and textures, so you get the look and feel you want for less time than with natural grass.


Low-maintenance grass

artificial grass BrisbaneAn artificial turf is a low-maintenance option because it requires little to no maintenance after it’s installed. Unlike natural grass that can become mouldy and yellow over time from moisture and sunlight, artificial turf is impervious to water, sunlight, and mould. Also, watering is required less often because it dries up much faster than traditional lawn care practices.


No more drainage issues.

If you live in an area with regular foot traffic such as in a small backyard or apartment building, the constant wetness can be draining your pool of valuable resources. In addition, if you live in an area with a wet climate year-round, you may have noticed that your garden often has cracks and other types of damage from the snow and rain. Typically, with artificial grass Brisbane installation, you won’t need to worry about drainage at all! The water will run off the surface without ever being absorbed by the artificial material.


No Mowing Issues.

Artificial lawn technology has advanced far enough that most owners are able to maintain their lawn with just a once-a-week routine of trimming and sweeping. When compared to normal lawn care, this level of maintenance is remarkably low-risk and completely hassle-free. With no need to worry about cutting the grass when it’s close to the surface or mowing overgrown areas, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a great lawn without the normal stress associated with managing a natural lawn. There are even times when you can forget about mowing the lawn altogether!


No Need for Lawn Maintenance

Synthetic grass is made of durable materials that require very little maintenance for the life of the product. Compared to natural grass, maintenance cost on artificial turf is extremely low. Most artificial grass products last up to 50 years, meaning you never have to worry about replacing your beautiful creation! This low maintenance cost is a huge advantage because homeowners save money in the long run. They don’t have to hire a garden service to tend to their lawn, they don’t have to buy replacement grass every year, and they don’t have to deal with the hassle of purchasing wood chips from your local hardware store.