How Net Wraps Can Help with Efficient Hay Baling

Hay baling for selling purposes is an excellent business that has the potential to provide significant returns. While the process of harvesting and baling hay comes with challenges (as with other businesses), you will soon find that net wraps can help ease your harvest worries.

Many small farmers use balers twine to compress their hay products. However, medium-sized farms need something more durable. If your farm has started getting many orders, you may want to consider using net wraps for your harvested products. Check out the hay baling advantages that come with using a high-quality net wrap for operations.


Curb Losses


When you opt for net wraps, you will realise early on that you are reducing costs in wasted hay. A quality net wrap will ensure that grass will be kept intact even throughout the transportation from your farm to that of your client.


Many times, business deals are hampered or completely cut off when clients receive deliveries connoting a long and arduous journey. With net wraps, bales will be more compact and could withstand rough roads.


A lost client is a loss in business. Don’t risk getting confidence in your business drop just because your deliveries didn’t meet the standards of a client.


Outdoor Storage


Net wraps can withstand harsh weather conditions, making them reliable bale compressors for outdoor storage. For farmers who use other wrapping equipment, outdoor storage areas can be damaging to the overall quality of the products.


Between twine and net wrap, the latter allows you to store hay bales outside to save indoor spaces for other items such as tools, machinery, or delivery trucks.


Easy Stacking

Stacking can be stalled or delayed if hay bales aren’t as compressed as they should be. Quality net wraps will ensure that each bundle is compressed tightly for faster and more efficient stacking.


Reduced Dry Matter


For hay silage manufacturers, dry matter is an enemy. Massive dry matter losses can be damaging to your business if you are preserving hay for livestock fodder. Net wraps are durable enough to keep the dry matter from penetrating silage. This, in turn, will ensure that your preserved bales will provide the necessary nutrition that livestock requires when the summer season hits grasslands on your farm.


Whether your main business is hay baling or you are stacking up hay bales for your livestock, net wraps will resolve the major issues that come with the use of other balers. You can rest assured that your hay products will be of great use, be it for sales or for animal feeding.



Contact a reliable net wrap provider today and start wrapping your harvest for a big business deal that could help you purchase additional equipment for your growing farm.