Choosing Brass Cabinet Handles

Brass cabinet handles are one of the most common cabinet hardware found in homes throughout the world. Brass is an extremely versatile metal but also quite sturdy, so it’s a natural choice for home furnishings as well. Plus, it’s extremely durable, making it an ideal finish for brass cabinet handles because of the high usage throughout the home. Plus, having brass as a key finish is ideal for getting a sleek, classic appearance with almost any cabinet style, which compliments many older cabinet styles. That’s why brass cabinet handles are such a popular choice for refinishing cabinets in the home.

LoandCoInteriors brass cabinet handlesWhat’s great about LoandCoInteriors brass cabinet handles is that they have a very high-quality finish to match most drawer hardware. In addition, the brass finish is so durable that this type of hardware will probably outlast most drawer hardware currently on the market. Plus, when you add that these hardware pieces can be customized to fit any decor, brass cabinet handles are one of the most versatile types of hardware available.

However, if you don’t want to go with this extreme custom finishing touch, other options are still to use brass cabinet handles to get the same classy, elegant results. Like any other finish, you can either paint or stain brass to get the same classy, elegant finish you would get with a stain. It is the ideal way to give a unique, traditional touch to a piece and is an excellent option for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities and more. The only drawback to this kind of finish is that it may cause some dust or streaks to show through after a while and may even require additional polishing after it becomes stained or painted. So, if you do not want to wait for a while before you polish your cabinets, stain-able brass cabinet handles might be a better option.

In addition to stains or paints, you can choose to get hardware with a matte finish instead. These are often offered in sets of three to four and will give a matching look to all of your kitchen or bathroom hardware. Many people who have a lot of nickel cabinet handles or metal drawer pulls opt for this type of finish. While LoandCoInteriors brass cabinet handles does allow you to maintain a nice clean look, it will sometimes be necessary to use some furniture polish or leather cleaner to maintain the look in good shape. However, if you don’t mind spending a little bit extra on these finishes, you will be able to have a very nice finish in no time at all.

You can also purchase knobs and pulls to customize your existing doors and drawers for cabinetry that you already have installed. Knobs and pulls are installed over the cabinet handles, and they come in various shapes and styles and finishes like a gloss and brushed nickel. Some people prefer to go with a bronze, mirror, or antique finish on their cabinet handles. Knobs and pulls are also offered in solid colours or combinations with other hardware, giving you a wide range of possibilities.

If you are starting from scratch and rebuilding a cabinet or room in your home, brushed nickel and brushed brass cabinet handles are a great choice. You can find these in many hardware stores, as well as many online retailers. Brushed chrome is another option that will give you a brushed finish that can easily be matched with brushed cabinets or other pieces of furniture in your home. While these two types may not exactly match every piece in your home, they will work well together to create a similar look that will be appealing to your family, friends, and visitors.