Why Choose the Kestrel 3000 As Your First Weather Meter?

If you’re in the market looking for the ideal weather meter to buy, then you probably are overwhelmed with the many different options. Well, the thing with weather meters is that they come in a wide array of types. While you think that having a lot of choices is advantageous on your part, you must understand that only a few brands and models out there are convenient to use. One of them is the InstrumentChoice Kestrel 3000 weather meter.

The reasons why you think that the Kestrel 3000 is your best available weather meter option are as follows:

1 – It is by far the most accurate device you can lay your hands on as someone who is just starting to use a weather meter.

There is no denying that the best attribute of the Kestrel 3000 is its accuracy. It is built and designed for the convenience of use. Who would have thought that it has become the most responsive temperature sensor, coupled with a feature called temperature-corrected humidity chamber? The reality is that no other instrument in its price range can topple its level of accuracy when it comes to measuring weather data.

2 – It may be small, but it is durable and rugged.

The first time you see and hold the InstrumentChoice Kestrel 3000, you may think twice about it because of its small size. However, you shouldn’t underestimate its durability and ruggedness because of its small size. After all, part of its manufacturing procedure is drop testing based on military standards. Also, the device has a design meant for it to float and even comes with a replaceable impeller and slip-on protective cover. All those things are indicative of the manufacturer’s objective of making it the most durable weather meter in its price range.

3 – It offers versatility, unlike any other model.

Another remarkable feature of the Kestrel 3000 is its versatility. It means that you can use it for a wide range of applications, including those things you do with a weather meter as a hobby or for your profession. The instrument is versatile enough for use in the following settings:

  • Agriculture
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Harvest of Crops
  • Chicken Coops
  • Livestock Temperature Monitor
  • Pet Health Monitor
  • Firefighting in Urban and Forest Settings
  • Hunting
  • Storm Chasing
  • Construction

The bottom line is that the Kestrel 3000 weather meter is the perfect example of what an all-around instrument should be. It has several functions including a thermometer, anemometer, and hygrometer. For example, if you have an activity that is dependent on the weather or temperature, an instrument like the Kestrel 3000 could come in handy.