Introduction to Certificate IV in Training & Assessment

Refine your industry skills and take the next step towards vocational education! Enter the program to develop your skills in training and assessment. In the Cert IV Training and Assessment Adelaide program, you will acquire specialised skills and knowledge to develop, design, deliver, and make the right assessment on various vocational training courses.


Overview of the Course


By participating in this course, you can enhance your industry-level expertise. The Cert IV Training and Assessment cert iv training and assessment AdelaideAdelaide program will provide you with the educational skills required for you to be qualified for vocational training. According to the latest survey, demand for industry-level professional education trainers is on the rise and will increase yet again over the next five years. This training and assessment course will hone your skills and prepare you to work for training providers including the RTO (Registered Training Organisation) and TAFE institutes.


Why You Should Register


The Cert IV Training and Assessment Adelaideprogram are known as the largest and most well-rounded vocational education training provider in South Australia. Achieve your dream career as a professional trainer and learn from other educators who’ve managed to gain high degrees in technical and knowledge-based skills. You will acquire skills in specialisation in vocational training and assessment. You will learn how to design and implement various strategies for training and assessment, unlock different training bundles and discover how to engage with other students effectively. You will also be trained on how to facilitate training for individuals and group settings.



Once you complete the course, you will automatically qualify for training in the vocational training and assessment sector. The program will also equip you with the necessary skills to effectively plan out, design a good solution, and deliver that solution to gain an advantage. The program will also teach you the learning framework, legislation and current standards of vocational education.



Number of Units Required

Achieving this qualification requires the successful completion of all core units, including one elective unit. The list below are some of the core and elective units that you can apply:


Core Units

Assessment & Competence

Assessment Validation

Assessment in Activities & Processes

Plan, Organise& deliver Group-oriented Learning

Facilitating Learning in the Workplace

Design & Develop Learning Programs

Adult Language Development


Elective Units

Training & Assessment in Working Skills


To apply, visit the official Cert IV Training and Assessment Adelaide Program today and sign up to register your application.