The Two Main Palm Tree Removal Techniques

We all love trees and more so palm trees that add beauty and value to our landscapes. A tree will not only add value but also provides clean air since trees are good for the environment. Having beautiful palm trees in your home or business makes the space unique and so if you have not planted palm trees, its time to do so. However, even though palm trees are beneficial, sometimes they can pose a danger to the surrounding environment. For example, having an excessively taller and weak palm tree is risky to your home and also and nearby electrical wires and needs to be removed before a tragic accident happens. A sick palm tree can fall anytime and cause a lot of destruction to your property and other structures around.

Now, when you have evaluated the available options and resolved that tree removal is the only solution, then its time to have the tree removed without further delay. Whether it’s the tree that is posing a danger or it’s just an unwanted element in your backyard, there will always be a need to have the palm tree removed safely. When it comes to palm tree removal, two main palm tree removal techniques can be used to remove the palm tree. This article will look at this primary techniques.

If you have a palm tree in your property that needs removal, the removal technique used will depend on the location of the tree, how large the tree is and how close it is to anything in the property. For example, if you have a palm tree that is in a clear ground and nothing can be destroyed in the tree felling process, then you can consider cutting the tree from the base. However, in this case, you need to estimate the tree length, evaluate the trees lean, plan the direction of palm tree fall, and then cut the tree. If no obstruction is available, you need not tie the tree, and it can be cut to fall in a particular direction.

Another technique to remove a palm tree is to cut the palm tree from the top. It is the most complicated technique. This technique requires the use of cranes. In most cases, this method is useful when there are nearby structures that can be destroyed by the falling tree. Therefore, by opting to cut the tree from the top, only small pieces are cut ensuring that they won’t fall into any structure. This technique can take a lot of time, but it’s beneficial, and there will be minimal to no property damage. However, in both methods, the best thing is to hire professional palm tree removal experts for the best solutions and professional work.