Remove Stumps with Ease Using an Efficient Tree Removal Company

Removing tree stumps are a potential liability and safety issue. Each day numerous lawyers are filing claims for injuries resulting from tree stumps. One such recent case occurred in New York. A 50-year-old Brooklyn woman was walking near an apartment complex when she stepped on a tree stump. Injuries resulted from the incident, including a fractured ankle and lower back.

tree stump removal AdelaideAnother issue frequently brought up in discussions about removing tree stumps is whether the stump should be cut away. The consensus amongst many gardeners and arborists is to remove the tree remains as much as possible. Stumps are an eyesore and take up valuable yard space that could be used for other landscaping. Some folks believe that using a stump removal service is sufficient to deal with the problem. In many cases, however, removing tree remains can be quite problematic.

Removing the tree remains is a tricky proposition due to their placement. In some cases, they must be removed to allow access to septic systems or septic truck. It presents a series of problems. If the stump is located too far from a septic line or sewage pumping station, the process can be quite lengthy. Moreover, the sheer size of the tree remains requires specialized equipment and techniques to remove them. Many unscrupulous companies will use chainsaws, wood grinders and grinding stones to remove the tree remains.

In addition to the above challenges, there are safety issues involved in removing tree stumps that involve environmental issues. Tree stumps present a significant risk of entombment and poison oak, and other hazardous tree diseases. It is also illegal to remove these stumps without taking care to protect the surrounding environment. Therefore, in many cases where the stumps must be removed, safety precautions must be taken. For instance, tree stump removal Adelaide will usually apply an organic substance to the stump to aid in its removal.

A common technique frequently used by companies to remove tree stumps is to utilize heavy-duty electric grinders. Grinding machines are not inherently dangerous, but their speed and size create significant health threats. Also, if care is not taken, they can seriously damage surrounding vegetation and structures. A good tree removal company will ensure to use of high-quality grinders and employ strict health and safety protocols.

As with any invasive species, improper removal techniques can prove disastrous. Tree removal can be a complicated task. Professionals need to plan the tree removal and consider all possible solutions carefully. It’s not just about tree stump removal Adelaide; it’s also about protecting the surrounding environment and avoiding other invasive species from taking over.